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Double Glazing Repairs Eastbourne.

door and window maintenance and repair

Double Glazing DoctorIf a door or window does not shut or lock properly or there is a draught when its shut, this could be down to faulty friction stays (hinges) or gasket seals. However, this does not mean that the double glazing needs replacing. At Mulley Locksmiths & Double Glazing Doctor, we offer cost effective  lock and double glazing repair solutions. There are a few well known terms for those who provide double glazing repairs. Window Doctor, Window Surgeon and Double Glazing Doctor.

We have over a decade of experience in providing domestic and commercial clients in Eastbourne and surrounding areas with expert double glazing repairs. We have the experience to ensure that we can give you superb results.  Misted glass units are caused when the seal allows moisture to ingress. The only effective solution is to have a new glass unit manufactured. We have researched all the non replacement repair methods and found none to be effective for any length of time. We do not need to remove your old misted glass unit before a new one is ready. The new unit is fitted on the same visit as the old one is removed.

To discuss all your double glazing repair needs call now on 01323 800029 or 01424 390027. We are  on hand to provide you with any information you require. When it is difficult to quote on the phone or by email we are happy to call by and survey the problem at no charge. There is a no fix-no fee policy too!

comprehensive repairs to existing double glazed doors and windows in eastbourne , Bexhill, hailsham and other areas.

Our range of double glazing repair services encompasses everything to ensure we provide the service you need. These include;

  • Door Lock Repair
  • Window Lock Repair
  • Broken window handle
  • uPVC Windows Re-hinged with Friction Stays
  • Condensation Solutions
  • New Letterbox Fitting
  • Misty/Foggy Glass Units Replacement - cloudy to clear
  • Locking Window Handles
  • Additional Locks and Security
  • Replacement Window and Door Locking Mechanisms
  • Patio Door Repair and Adjustment
  • Gasket Seal Replacement for Windows and Doors

Double glazing repair Eastbourne

Broken Door Handle Before and After RepairCovering Eastbourne and  much of the East Sussex region, we provide residential and commercial clients with cost effective and energy efficient, double glazing repair solutions. Over time, windows and doors might suffer from some wear and could do with a refurbishment to make them look like new again; that is one of the many services we offer.

We have , over the years, completed a variety of double glazing repairs, for home owners and commercial business owners, throughout the towns and villages of East Sussex.

Get in contact with us today on 01323 800029 or 01424 390027 according to area  and speak to our double glazing repair specialist, for a FREE, no obligation quotation.